Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Overcome Bad Breath with a Cup of Coffee

You often feel less confident because bad breath is not good? If you've tried various ways but have not gone well, try a cup of coffee. Based on the findings of Professor Mel Rosenberg, who studied at Tel Aviv University, coffee contains components that prevent the bacteria release the gases cause unpleasant breath (halitosis). According to Rosenberg, the chemical components of coffee can serve as Pastilles which prevents bad breath at its source.

Rosenberg has spent over 2 decades to learn about diagnosing and treating halitosis. Basically, he explained, his study aims to find out why coffee cause halitosis. However, his study found, although the coffee can cause problems in the mouth, but instead of coffee can also solve the problem halitosis.

Coffee is added to the water-filled saliva or salivary bacteria inhibiting the release of gas will cause breath odor. In some cases, the light of Rosenberg, coffee can cut the amount of gas release up to 90% of it.
"We think that coffee will cause breath odor, but there is something in this magical beverage that actually brings the opposite," said the researcher, as quoted dailymail site.

However, because they still believe that coffee contributed to the cause of breath odors, the researchers still would isolate the chemical substances in coffee can inhibit the release of gases that cause halitosis. Coffee, according to researchers, could lead to halitosis because the content of milk in a coffee can ferment in the mouth that makes your mouth dry.

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